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with SLAM™ Managed Firewall

SLAM™ is a managed firewall appliance and security service from NATCOM.  Using a smart combination of hardware and software, SLAM™ is installed with your Fibre Internet service to deliver optimum performance, effective support services, and combats misuse of your valuable business Internet resources.

With SLAM™, NATCOM's support engineers are able to act as if they are in your office with real-time ability to view service characteristics and performance.  This makes service and support much more effective and efficient.




Standard Features:
  • Centrally-managed support services providing real-time performance testing

  • Remote monitoring for proactive management of your Fibre Internet service

  • Reporting, providing information on Internet resource use and performance

  • Prevention of access to ‘black-listed’ websites commonly used for malicious activities

  • Plug & Play and can be installed on any Internet connection

  • Automatic updates and flexibility to accommodate future value-added service additions and upgrades

Special Features:

  • Copyright-Infringement-Protection, to combat the ease of copyright infringement risks to business by staff and other Internet users

  • Prevention of access to customer-defined sites to prevent misuse of business resources

  • Managed Firewall providing complete traffic control by allowing only pre-defined traffic

*Special Features can be enabled at any time and can be tailored to suit your business.  Special features are included at no additional cost.



Form Factor

  • 19" rack-mountable to suit server cupboards or switch panels
  • Mini-ITX to suit space-saving environments


  • Single 100Mbps Internet port with single Gigabit network port
  • Single 100Mbps Internet port with 5x 100Mbps managed switch port
  • Options for Gigabit switching available

0800 123 321





SLAM™ managed firewall Plug & Play meaning it can be installed on any Internet connection.

If you're concerned about your Internet security, talk to us about getting a SLAM™ firewall for your business on 0800 123 321