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Broadband Everywhere with NATCOM Satellite

NATCOM delivers broadband satellite solutions for business anywhere in New Zealand. In the most remote areas of our country, broadband scarcity is now a curse of the past with the deployment of NATCOM Satellite Broadband.


Cross the digital divide with 2048kbps download (up to 100x faster than dial-up).

NATCOM is a foundation service provider of IPSTAR* and has been supplying satellite services throughout New Zealand extensively since 2005.


Broadband Plans

utYour choice is easy! NATSAT comes in one speed - fast! 2Mbps download and 1Mbps upload.

$79/month gives you fast broadband including 1GB of data.

Satellite Coverage

coverageFrom Cape Rienga to Bluff including the Chatham Islands, available nationwide.

Hardware and Installation

dishNATSAT Satellite dish, electronics and modem/router from $2490.

Professional installation nationwide from $499.

Nationwide Support

supportEngineers available nationwide to keep you up to speed.

0800 123 321

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